Breakthrough 4D LiDAR Technology

The only sensing solution built from the ground up on silicon photonics for mass scale application in automotive, consumer electronics, and beyond.

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Innovative Sensing Technology

Based on a unique Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology that measures velocity in addition to depth, reflectivity and inertial motion. Aeva's technology draws on significantly less power than other available technologies, including Time of Flight (ToF) technology used by legacy LiDAR.

World's First 4D LiDAR on Chip

Key LiDAR components are integrated on silicon photonics leveraging proven CMOS processes in telecom. By integrating on silicon and using proven manufacturing processes, Aeva sensors can achieve 30x lower costs compared to legacy LiDAR.

Powerful Software Applications

Proprietary low power perception software purpose built on Aeva ASIC to leverage unique raw 4D data. Aeva offers fast object detection and classification, high precision object tracking at 10x less power, and centimeter grade motion state estimation (without the use of costly inertial motion sensors).